Work at GESS

We at Guess focus on addressing the pain areas of our customers and hence we visit them on the ground level to understand their needs and requirements. We have various R&D labs which focus on developing new technologies through continuous innovations in an attempt to provide the solution to the already existing and upcoming problems faced by various nations across the world.

We have improved rural livelihoods by introducing energy-efficient cooling and refrigeration systems in India and abroad. This has helped in reducing food loss through the uptake of agricultural applications such as pre-cooling, staging cold rooms, and cold storage. Additionally, our solutions have helped to increase income opportunities for the rural sector. We also provide cold storage facilities in Health care centers.

Our vision is to provide the world's most super energy-saving Products in combination with Solar Energy, Thermal Storage, and natural Refrigerant. Bring a new revolution in Industry with the use of Renewable Energy, Natural Refrigerant, Adiabatic cooling, and other most advanced innovation. We work with the reduction of electricity for cooling equipment. Our clients are offices, factories, hotels, farmers, etc. Currently, we have business partners all around the world. We are introducing new Innovative technology to save Power. Our Research brings the energy-saving technology like Thermal Storage, Solar Thermal, Adiabatic Cooling, Solar Hybrid technology which saves the power around 30 to 45%. Most of our client payback of the investment goes in 1- 2 years. It all depends on the price of electricity and usage of the chiller.

Our Guiding principle underpins our sustainability plan 2025 and will guide our journey towards a better tomorrow for our team, our planet, and the customers and community we serve.