Ceramic Plate Trial in ACADIS Hospital Lucknow

Up to 20% energy saved along with achieving clean and healthy air to breathe in!

We installed our Ceramic Net in the Air Conditioners of the ACADIS Pharmacy to check its efficiency in the Indian tropical climate. These AC units had a day-long usage with the Ceramic Nets installed within their filters so that the air molecules get proper exposure to the infrared vibrations while passing through the net. This trial was conducted for a period of 30 days (1 month), and the following points were observed:

  • The heat exchanger (fins) and resin panel (insulator) in the air conditioner are positively charged due to the friction with the air caused by the rotation of the fan. When the air conditioner is charged, the airflow does not return to the original flow, and the heat exchange efficiency decreases.
  • Then, the following things occur in the air conditioner and in the room, The air conditioner changes to operation and it does not waste electricity.
  • Secondary Effect - The origin of the odor in the air is due to an invisible minute substance diffused in the air. It is believed that odorous substances and dirt substances float in the air because they are positively charged and repel each other in the air. However, when the air touches the negatively charged Ceramic Net, it becomes uncharged. Therefore, there is no floating in the air, and it is difficult to feel the smell. In this way, air with reduced odor and dust spreads throughout the space, creating a naturally comfortable environment. As long as the air conditioner is operating, “energy-saving” and “comfortable environment” will continue simultaneously at the same time.