Solar Trailers

Introducing a fuel-saving solution for your transporting units. Solar Trailers was born from the idea to innovate and permanently evolve the transport industry.

We fit solar mats to the roof of commercial vehicles across the globe, saving fuel, CO2, and maintenance costs for our customers. By harnessing free, clean energy from the Sun, we reduce the alternator's requirement to create energy via the burning of fuel, to power all onboard electrical equipment. Our telematics goes even further, providing data-driven opportunities to improve operational performance, with Tail Lift Counts and Battery Status reporting just a few of the benefits of our systems.

a) Flexible Solar Panels - Flexible, shatterproof & ultra-thin (3mm), our mats are the best on the market and are fitted with ease to your fleet.

b) Smart Charge Controller - Unlike any other fuel-saving product, our solutions provide live telematics data on vehicle & solar performance. You can even monitor just how much our solar energy is saving, with our in-depth telematics information.

c) Optimised Vehicle Utilisation - With information on running times, idling and overall performance, the analytics we provide mean you can make decisions that directly benefit your operation.

Benefits of Using our Solar Trailers:

  • Significantly improves battery health of your vehicle.
  • Clean air by limiting CO2 emissions.
  • Average ROI of up to 2 years.
  • Up to 90% of fuel-saving when compared to Diesel TRUs (Annual saving of up to 550L).
  • Real-time Telematics & GPS.

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