Cold Room / Cold Storage

Cold rooms and storages are preservation chambers, usually assembled at the deployment site to desired dimensions and cooling specifications of the end user.

Those Chambers ore generally built using insulating materials polyurethane foam (PUF), highly efficient & precisely designed to cater a wide temperature range from +15°C to -40°C, high quality doors & accessories and refrigeration units such as evaporating and condensing units specially designed for energy efficient, low noise, easy maintenance and compact size which gives the same performance for many years.

Our cold rooms are largely used in the industries like hospitality, dairy, ice cream, horticulture, medicare, pharmaceuticals, frozen products and speciality applications.

Our Cold room have several benefits Such as,

  • Easy to assemble and dismantle
  • All Side PVC 90005
  • Homogeneous PUF density
  • High ambient refrigeration design
  • Well to top cam-lock joints
  • Fully CuStamlied

Modular Cold Rooms

Modular cold rooms are built in a flat-pack format and are easier to install. As a result, these rooms are commonly used in the food industry as well as other sectors that produce non-edible products.

Combi Cold Rooms:

These rooms have separate internal temperature zones / rooms. One of these is a chilling zone with temperatures in the range of 2°C to 12°C. The other zone is a freezer having sub-zero temperature.

Walk-in Cold Room:

As the name suggests, these rooms are large enough for a worker to navigate through it. These are deployed where a large storage capacity is required.

Custom-Built Cold Rooms:

These are cold rooms built specifically as per the end users' requirements and specifications. The deployment of these cold rooms generally involves an engineering fee payable to the designer or manufacturer.

Salient Features

  • with an app-based monitoring system*
  • GESS Unique QUAD Technology for high Performance.
  • Low GWP, environment friendly Refrigerant.
  • Battery less Operation
  • Thermal Storage (Active or Passive)
  • Mobile / walk / transportation cold room customised design.
  • Optimised Compressor Operation to reduce the Power Consumption
  • High insulation thickness and high-quality energy-efficient components
  • High heat exchange coefficients
  • Adjustable, Compact and easily openable side panels
  • IP 44 class protection against water splashing and debris

Technical Specifications

TechnologyUnique QUAD Technology by GESS.
OperationCustomise Thermal Storage for 12. 15.30.35 Hrs. Battery Less operation for backup
InsulationModular cold room panels with rigid polyurethane foam and cam locking facility.
Thickness60, 80,100, 125,150 and 200mm.
LaminationPre-coated GI on both sides, SS sheet (Grade 202,304/316), GI plain sheet both sides or a combination of any 2 of the above.
Floor FinishAluminium checkered plate with marine plywood, PUF slabs, EPS slabs, XPS slabs, Tarfelt cladding etc. can be provided depending on customers requirement.
Injected Density40Kg/m3(+/-2)
Thermal Conductivity0.022 W/m2K
Vapour Permeability5.5mg/PASM
Operational Temp-40°C to +80°C
Fire ResistancePIR panels (Polyisocyanurate) can be provided where a requirement for resistance to ?re may be higher.


The GESS QUAD Tech Cold Rooms o?ers a wide range of Walk-In Coolers and Freezer Rooms in PUF insulated sandwich panel starting from 125 CFT in volume to any volume the customer needs. Each modular cold room prefabricated insulation panel has cam-action locking devices precisely positioned for enhancing the rooms air tightness.

1. All specifications are under standard test conditions
2. Technical specifications are subject to changes without prior notice in view of continuous R&D