Case Study - Africa

In the African continent, we are looking forward to working with the African Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Cooling and Cold-chain (ACES), to help get food to reach markets quickly and efficiently. It will help farmers and fisheries in Africa reduce the estimated 30% of food produced for human consumption which is lost due to poor post-harvest practices and handling – tackling hunger, under-nutrition, and environmental impacts, while boosting profits and creating jobs.

In an attempt to cater to this need, we developed a mobile container-based, solar-powered cold station for 24/7 storage and preservation of various fruits & vegetables. This movable cold room runs on solar energy, has an 8mm puff panel installed within the room for maintaining insulation, inverter technology by Emerson which makes it more efficient and saves power, along with the PCM technology that recharges itself using the sunlight within 6 hours and can then sustain the cooling for another 14-16 hours.

The best part is that this eco-friendly cold room can be easily lifted, loaded on a trailer, and can be transported from one place to another, making it more convenient and cost-effective. This solution has an ROI of 1-2 years and can increase the shelf life of vegetables & fruits that can be stored in a temperature range of between 0-10°C.

The success of this Cold storage will be measured in terms of:

  • Increased value from production and “waste”
  • Reduced post-harvest losses
  • Power saved
  • Reduction in operational expenses
  • Increased throughput to new markets and food exports
  • Minimization of new CO2 impact